Friday, February 20, 2009

to-do list for the weekend

Dear reader,

once again, I can only supply you with a brief list of links to missile-related articles. As announced, this will be the last article for a while. I will be back online in April. It would be great to see you back then.


Obama Likely Flexible on Missile Shield
Poland, Czech Republic Worried by Obama's Intentions on Missile Defense
Poland ready to conclude U.S. missile shield negotiations: FM
No timetable exists for radar on Czech soil - U.S. source
Biden hints at compromise with Russia on missile defense plan
Obama's arms reduction idea a threat to missile defense in Europe?
Missile shield plans delayed, but not discontinued?
UK backs missile defense shield
Russian missile plans depend on US
Ballistic Missile Defense Efforts Tied to Iran, Gates Says
Belarus says air defense pact with Russia not aimed at missile shield
Iran denies claim its missiles can hit anywhere in world
Iran, Russia, U.S.: the BMD link

Missile Defense

Kinetic energy weapons may be best way to intercept missiles
Kinetic Energy Interceptor shows promising flexibility
Airborne Laser offers new era for ballistic missile defense
NATO keen on missile shield in Europe
South Korea to complete missile defense system by 2012
South Korea May Join U.S. Missile Shield
Geopolitical implications of missile defense
Missile Defense in the Obama Budget
India Working Towards LASER Based Missile Defense System
US in talks with India for providing missile defence


North Korea Prepares Missile Near Launch Site
South Korea says DPRK’s missile test would violate UN resolutions
A look at DPRK's missile arsenal
North Korea eyes disputed sea border for missiles-media


U.S. urges Russia to consider missile offer
U.S.-Russia: Missile Diplomacy
Kissinger calls for missile cuts
France transfers more anti-tank missile technology to India
Russia and Iran's missiles
Russia expands production of precision guided weapons, see also here
Iran builds S-300-style anti-aircraft missile defense system
Iran's Missiles: Don't Go Ballistic
Black Market Missiles Still Common in Iraq
Brahmos field testing today, February 20
China can't stop India's missile system

Thursday, February 5, 2009

I want YOU

I am sorry to inform you that I will not be able to switch back to the normal blogging frequency any time soon. I have to finish some other projects and from mid-February on, the Missile Monitor will take another blog-out until early April.

This is a really unfortunate situation. Therefore I would like to ask you, dear reader, if you know anyone who might be interested to step in as guest / co-blogger so that it can be ensured that this important topic of missile proliferation gets the attention that it deserves.

It is time for another round-up of reading

First some articles concerning our good old European GMD base:
U.S. eager to search dialogue with Russia on missile defense
• While some say that Russia offers Obama olive branch on missiles other media reports that Russia denies missile suspension. The Warsaw Business Journal brings it to the point: Conflicting rumors surround Kaliningrad missiles
Russia says missile threat [to deploy its Iskander missiles] stands, only as response
Czech minister hails freezing of Russian missile plans
Poles, Czechs wary on Russia missile move, eye Obama
Czech adamant on missile shield referendum
Czech lawmakers postpone missile defense vote
Rethinking U.S. missile defense: “Between 1985 and 2008, America has spent $116 billion on missile defense, with an additional $50 billion envisioned over the next six years”. Taken together, this incredibly big sum makes up more than one fourth of the U.S. package intended to bring up the economy back up to its feet. And it was spent for a project which is “an expensive insurance policy whose payoff remains doubtful”
Missile shield could boost U.S.-Russia ties
German Foreign Minister Steinmeier seeks U.S. missile defense shift

And here something on the itsy bitsy rest of the world:
Iran says 'self-sufficient' in missile production
Iran's slow but sure missile advance
India rushes to buy anti-tank missiles
Failed test and rocketing costs: Army says no to BrahMos missile
Second phase of BrahMos missile program to be launched Feb 10
India lags behind Pakistan in missiles (an Indian perspective)
Pakistan surges well ahead of India in missile technology (from a Pakistani viewpoint)
Russian space agency to support Bulava project
Russia boosts targeting tech for Iskander missiles
Russia wants new START and BMD bases scrapped
DPRK space ambitions raise missile concerns, analyst warns
DPRK set to test long-range missile as tension rises in region
China will create a versatile missile force
Missile Defense in Japan