Friday, May 9, 2008

Agni-III follow-up

Here are some excerpts from the press coverage of Wednesday’s Agni-III test:

  • The Agni-III ballistic missile system may be inducted into the Army by next year. (The Hindu)
  • The circular error probable was in single digit, indicating the high accuracy of the system. (The Hindu)
  • M. Natarajan, Scientific Advisor to the Defence Minister, said “We may have one more flight.” (The Hindu)
  • The complex missile would require another four-five tests, series production and user trials before it can become operational. (The Times of India)
  • Dr Avinash Chander, Programme Director of Agni said that the developmental flights of Agni-III are complete and the system is ready for induction (The Hindu Business Line)
  • "The armed forces will be able to deploy Agni-III only by 2010-2011. The training trials of the 700-km Agni-I and 2,500-km Agni-II, for instance, are still in progress to ensure the forces can fire them on their own," said a top official. (The Times of India)
  • Indian Air Marshal TS Asthana declared that the Indian armed forces still regard fighter aircraft as the only reliable delivery system for nuclear weapons. (IBNLive)
  • India inched closer towards building a "minimum credible nuclear deterrent. (The Times of India)

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