Sunday, December 14, 2008

No time and too much on my plate

Ok, here comes the announced entry. I had a pretty tight schedule over the recent days due to some other projects which are still ongoing. So I am unfortunately not able to catch up in a due level of detail. Instead, I will just provide you today with a reading list:

Russia seeks new missiles due to U.S. shield plans
Russian Military Says Sea-based Bulava Missile Tested Successfully (November 28)
Russia starts production of Bulava missile
Bulava SLBM problems teach lessons to Russia, U.S.
Russia acted wisely in sticking with Bulava SLBM
Russia to Test Bulava Missile Again This Month
Putin says no need for Cuban, Venezuelan bases
Russia, U.S. Plan Strategic Arms Talks

Missile Defense:
Missile Defense: Putin says Obama will make concessions
Russian defense chief reiterates concerns over U.S. missile shield
Russia Against U.S. Missiles in Any European Anti-Missile Plans
Russia to Spend $2 Billion More on Missile Shield Countermeasures, Other Defenses
U.S. Fires Missile Defense Laser Through Aircraft Turret
Abandoning Third-Site Missile Defenses Would Threaten Transatlantic Security
US stages successful missile-defense test over Pacific and here (December 5)
NATO Reaffirms Support for US Missile Shield
Financial Crisis Might Delay U.S. Radar, Czech Foreign Minister Says

Iran develops air-to-air missile
South Korea Takes Delivery for Patriot Missiles from Germany
Pakistan to acquire 100 air-to-surface missiles from Brazil
India’s Shaurya only a variant of ballistic missile K-15

Unfortunately, this will already be my last post for this year. I will be out of town next week without any time for further posts. For that reason the blog will be put again to a pre-Christmas hiatus. I wish you all a Merry Christmas or whatever you may or may not celebrate and a Happy and Joyous New Year. Thank you for following the Missile Monitor this year. I hope to see you back in the next year.

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