Sunday, June 8, 2008

China makes a Big Wave

I just read on the Russian Navy Blog that China tested on May 29 its newest SLBM. While the author refers to the missile as Tszyuylan-2 (Big Wave), I assume that it is the JL-2, the Ju Lang-2 (Giant Wave).

The former Russian Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Viktor Kravchenko comments:

“In the last few years, China has added to the experience and has amassed enough economic potential to accelerate the development of the maritime component of its nuclear forces”.
According to Japanese sources Project 094 submarines will be equipped with this missile that has an intercontinental range of flight and will thus be able to hit targets in Europe and the US from its pier. Russian TV Zvezda describes the missile to have a range of 8,000 km. This also supports the assumption that it was a JL-2 that has been tested.

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