Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New best buddy

It seems that Reuters read my post on alternative candidates to host the GMD interceptors. Yesterday afternoon they brought a story in which they informed that Washington has started negotiations with Lithuania on hosting the interceptor base. U.S. officials tried to play it down by calling these talks "general conversations". Obviously the U.S. government tries to increase the pressure on Warsaw hoping that the Poles will reduce the price for hosting the base in Poland, which is currently set to US$20bn.

A source in Warsaw close to the Polish negotiations said Washington had set no formal deadline for Warsaw, but added that late July would likely be the last chance for Prime Minister Donald Tusk's centre-right government to agree a deal.

If the United States is going to shift the focus from Poland to Lithuania one can expect to hear the roaring of the Russian bear even louder. Lithuania was a republic of the Soviet Union and is even closer to the Russian mainland than the Polish Gorsko.

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